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Held with a thought

that fortune as they told

comes with mighty change

may be then time mutates

or unknown thoughts vacillate

So, I landed in my Potter’s hand

Was it walking on balmy air

or to have a ride on gravy train

I was totally in love with him

He swept off my feet

telling me to change

to be a masterpiece

I took his wish and

kept with his reflection

deep inside my soul

And the ‘new’ changed me

mesmerized him every moment

Fortune, may be his iced wish

or my wish to have him

I burnished for glittering beauty

And atlast when he saw

his own reflection

in my polished surface

He took up and cracked me

into zillion pieces


“Potter’s Sand has lost originality”

And I


“But for whom?”


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  • You need not count your past experience to make some decisions. Just think it is the beginning and go off meddling in your own life.
  • Limits are part of every relationship. You can’t even think of one relationship where limits won’t appear. Sometime you need to create wall, not for yourself but for the other person too. 
  • You have to adjust with the existing circumstances and if change is certainly not possible, then think of the ways to improve your present. Giving-up and moving horizontally doesn’t always work.
  • Just one person in the life is enough to make you realize how much you miss others especially when that  ‘missing’ lay at distant corner of your heart.
  • How much you try to move away from others thought process, you always get caught in the web.

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How do you define women identity, her independence? Is ‘earned money’ enough for a woman to make her independent and to give her an identity of her own? Why is it like this that after marriage woman feels for her life confined only to kitchen?

                                  Today I met one of my old friend. She recently got married and it was really soothing when you get to talk with someone from your childhood days especially when wavelength are in perfect sync. But somewhere I felt ‘something’ for her and that something is making her to come out of her little world. I am just thinking is there something that really defines ‘devotion’ of women! So many questions are just popping out from my head………am thinking about my future way that I have decided.

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