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………sitting in my four wood-panelled room

I again walked past the memories

………to dust-off forgotten surmises of thoughts


Chime bells were saying same words

……giving the same cozy feeling of our giggles

Each corner still holds scent of your words

Door was opened waiting for the return

…….of unsaid promises and silent vows

All was just the same……


I didn’t feel morning sea wind blowing into my hairs

Only silence was echoing from each corner

Door was waiting for an era that never passed

Nostalgia now reflects reality!!


When I decided to move on

a breath of chime breeze kissed me goodbye


I felt the same scent

the same cozy feeling

of our zillion giggles

of unsaid promises

It felt of you

And I cried


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Life is really amazing. The thoughts that were bothering me few moments back (rather few months) are dissolved so well that I have started living with them. I have no idea whether the impact of change in me is everlasting or it is just an autumn phase making me prepare for spring. But deep inside don’t we all want to be the way we always are. But time, people, thoughts, some botheration, responsibilities makes you to change, change what they call you to be mature.

These thoughts are really shaping what I call ‘My Symphony of Life’ and in this symphony I really don’t want to miss my most harmonious feeling – …..  !!

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In fight…..

  • with loneliness
  • to know the meaning of relationship
  • to divert my mind
  • in knowing one name to whom I can make a call
  • to know what to do next
  • and atlast………..with myself!!

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Monogamy – a myth?

Monogamy is a myth. It has been rammed down people’s throats for far too long. It isn’t just a matter of excess hormones or vanity, but, as all the research indicates, a genetic configuration found in almost all animals.

                                                Paternity tests given to birds, monkeys and foxes revealed that simply because these species had developed a social relationship very similar to marriage it did not necessarily mean that they had been faithful to each other. David Barash, professor of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle had said that the only species in nature that doesn’t commit adultery and in which there seems to be 100% momogamy is a flat worm. The male and female worms meet as adolescents and their bodies literally fuse together.

~ Paulo Coehlo (The Winner Stands Alone)

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Looking through glass

I see a painting having

colors of my dream

reflecting but omniety

Seems like my painter

left his creation for me

and took the road down

to some deep forest

may be to paint rainbow.

I lay eye on a feather

may be of blue bird

and like a lost soul

behind the glass

blow a kiss

for this feather.

It flies high up

as if meant for

the lonely sky

making me to wonder

if my painter still waiting

for my love to fill

every minutia of this

endeared painting


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behind velvety rosy

seductive veil

a face is hidden

carrying black


wandering stroke

of some white

tossing emotion

waiting for placidity

to make her world

to rest in her lap

not knowing 

besides her

a world is resting

her world where only

her shadow is breathing

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A thought….

There is something else, some other way of Knowing, some deeper part of our Being, that knows we are not in Grief, that knows we are in Eternity, that sings out of that – that’s the mystery that cannot be said…. – Coleman Braks

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For You!

When I call you


you argue with me

telling me to give


When you know

I hate to give


always making me

to go down

and drag out

that meaning

when that meaning

crushes everything


When I tell you

lets make things


you scoop out everytime

making everything


telling me about your

fight to end complexity

for simplicity

And I tell you


can bring together


And when you see

dancing me

over your digged past

you always leave me

not knowing

my dance is just amiss

waiting for your steps

not knowing

my mysterious dance

is just an endeavor

to create simplicity

just to have You!!

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Changed Me!!

People tend to change you, even if they don’t deserve to be in your life. How worthiness of a person in the life is defined? Is it the impact that the person has in your life?

“N you are changed”…..Now-a-days I get to hear this statement so often. Am I really? Sometime a try to change yourself for better can hurt others unknowingly. And if you don’t change, things will keep on hurting you. You just land-up in a situation to think about others or to think about you and the worst part is that you don’t want to be in either of the situation. Why do people come in our life? Just to change us………….

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Oh………I just love people with a smile on their face! 🙂

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