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Today the topic on Sunday Scribbling is ‘I believe…” and here is my in-take for SS…..

Wisdom of hollowness inside my body

sometime argues with endurance of my soul

Makes me to abandon all my words…….

the words of my spirit, “I believe in ME”


Barren land of haunted desires

sometime craves for spark of drop

My body wants to leave everything

But my soul cries and shouts….

“I believe in vigor of my tears”


Lifeless body lingers with soul

sometime hides behind fallacious wall

My body leaves truth to live in fallacy

But my soul dances and shouts…

“I believe in trueness of my breath”


Somewhere beyond this moment

where my soul and my body dances

in the realm of isolated heaven

I can surely hear my song….

I believe in togetherness

of my body and my soul

“I Believe in ME”


PS – I always felt for many things, an argument always goes between my soul and my body. With this prompt, I just reflected my belief in ‘Me’ – a different me, where I can see togetherness of my Soul and Body.


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The road of my life’s journey is full of twists and dangerous bumps. I never felt that balmy breeze and never heard any rustling of leaves with melody meant for me. I am alone in this journey and always longed for my garden. I dreamt and wished my garden to be there just after the next turn. Illusion after another illusion has given me strength to take steps. A heart filled with longing has true spirit. My dream garden is filled with fragrance of rosemary. There is one lotus pond in the middle with green shrubs encircling it which is covered with the whitest and the purest flowers. I can see butterflies dancing on them. The breeze is running fingers in my hairs. I can see full moon from my garden. I can feel dew with every step. All I can see in my garden is love and all I can feel is tranquility. This is my illusion garden and I have always longed for it.

And when I was about to take next turn to move ahead I felt the same aroma. And the next turn gave me not the reflection but the garden itself. Still I am standing in awe not knowing what to do next. I lack courage to accept you…Oh My Dear Garden! I can’t! I have a fear that acceptance may mean to lose my strength to move on. I have a fear of facing many questions from my life if I don’t accept you.  I just wish not my every wish to come true. I am preparing myself to turn back and to search for another turn that holds another dream for me.

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.  ~Anatole France

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Life is busy…….

Hustling bustling life has made me busy. I am not sure whether I am creating a drama get myself busy in the life chores even when I know I can come out of this very well. I am meddling in my own life. But somehow it is good, you are not getting anytime to think about worthless things. Life is occupied with work, friends, movies and of course need to mention – books shopping! I am again facing the question as to what I am avoiding so that am keeping myself this much busy these days?

But somehow I miss that Neilina….who loves to think about life, who loves to write everything that passed with a jerk in her life. This Neilina miss to read all her favourite blogs. Sorry Guys for not being around very often……..

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Today the topic on Sunday Scribbling  is ‘Late’. And guess what, in one of the social networking site my fortune is:-

Tomorrow’s life is too late. Live today”. Loved it!

And this is my in-take for Sunday Scribbling…..

Someday when my canvas

will be turned white again

Just come near to me

with colors in your hand

I am never late to be painted again by you!


Someday when my eyes

will be fixed-up in the sky

Just come near to me

with tears in your eyes

I am never late to shed dryness of my eyes!


Someday when my body

will be alloyed with soil

Just Come near to me

with tulips of love

I am never late for your unbounded love!


Someday when my soul

will be passed into angel in heaven

I will surely come to you

as shinning star of the darkest night

May be………

my destiny was just little late in crossing your way!

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QUESTION? Hope Or Faith?

What is more meaningful for your life – Hope or Faith? Do you see it differently? Or both of them are same, mingled with each other?

If choice is one, then what would yours be?

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The topic on Sunday Scribbling  is ‘I knew instantly’. Here is my in-take for this topic….

Withered by promise of spring


I, the forgotten autumn leaf


swayed with song of balmy wind


carried a deep promise for you


a promise of


melody in every rustle of step


beauty of sunset in every color


tale of promises from my lord


I, the forgotten autumn leaf


the moment I lost identity


I knew instantly


to be forgotten by my lord tree


to be forgotten by my embracer


But I have known eventually


you breathed the song silently


you danced in rustle’s melody


you kissed every color’s beauty


you thanked lord for unsaid promises


– unsaid promises reflecting my identity! 

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Some Days…..

It’s just one of those days where you lock yourself in your room, crank the depressing music, curl up on your bed, and cry for no reason at all.

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